Prototyping digital tools for collaborative design.

I’m a Full Professor of Interaction Design at Aarhus University. I explore the use and design of digital systems from a humanistic perspective. My research focuses on design processes, participatory design,  creativity, innovation, and tools that help people think and create in new ways.


Current projects and activities

News and updates

  • [June 23]: Article accepted for NordiCHI 2020: Frankjaer, R. & Dalsgaard, P. 2020: “Knowledge-creation Processes in Crafts-based HCI Research: Introducing a Sympoietic Framework”.
  • [May 18]: New 4-year project, Managing Ideas in Creative Work, funded by Independent Research Fund Denmark We will study how creative professionals capture, manage & develop ideas, and how analog & digital tools influence these processes.
  • [April 15]: Article accepted for DIS 2020: Remy, C., Macdonald Vermeulen, L., Frich, J.,  Biskjaer, M. M. & Dalsgaard, P. 2020. “Evaluating Creativity Support Tools in HCI Research”.
  • [April 15]: Article accepted for DIS 2020: Yoo, D., Dalsgaard, P., Ducros, A., Tabard, A., Eriksson, E., Klokmose, C. N.  2020. “Putting Down Roots: Exploring the Placeness of Virtual Collections in Public Libraries“.
  • [April 2]: New piece out in ACM Interactions: Dalsgaard, P. 2020. “Human-Computer Interaction and Interaction Design versus COVID-19“. ACM Interactions. ACM.
  • [Feb 20] Pre-print of our TOCHI article “How Interaction Designers Use Tools to Manage Ideas” now available [Download PDF].

For prospective students

Students present design projects

I am currently accepting new Masters and PhD students, particularly in the topics of digital tools in creativity and innovation, participatory  design, design processes, and the combination of digital and physical components in Human-Computer Interaction. Please email me at dalsgaard[at], sending a CV and a project outline, if you’re interested in supervision or mentoring, possibly in connection to one of our current projects.