I’m Peter Dalsgaard, Associate Professor of Interaction Design at Aarhus University. I explore the use and design of digital systems from a humanistic perspective. The focal points of my research are collaborative design, creativity, innovation, and tools and spaces that combine digital and physical aspects in meaningful ways.

Currently, I’m combining these areas of research by exploring and developing digitally enhanced tools and spaces that help people create and innovate. I’m the Director of the Digital Creativity Lab at Aarhus University, and Director of three research projects, Digital Tools in Collaborative Creativity (CoCreate), Creative Tools, and Place- and Activity-Centric Digital Library Services (PLACED), all of which explore the use of digital tools in creative processes (read more about the projects here). My work combines theoretical and practical components: on the theoretical side of things, I examine how creative design processes unfold, and what role digital tools play in them. On the practical side, I explore how we can use these insights to develop new interactive tools and systems that support and augment creative work, often in collaboration with external partners in industry and the public sector.

I’m also Design Research Manager for the Creativity in Blended Interaction Spaces (CIBIS) research project, Program Co-Chair for the conference Designing Interactive Systems (DIS), and research affiliate at the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI).