Prototyping digital tools for collaborative design.

I’m Peter Dalsgaard, Professor of Interaction Design at Aarhus University. I explore the use and design of digital systems from a humanistic perspective. The focal points of my research are collaborative design, creativity, innovation, and tools and spaces that integrate digital and physical aspects in meaningful ways. On the theoretical side of things, I explore how creative processes unfold, and critically examine what role digital tools play in such processes. On the practical side of things, I explore how we can use these insights to develop new interactive systems that support and augment creative work, often in collaboration with external partners in industry and the public sector.

Current projects and activities

News and updates

  • [November 8] New book chapter out: Dalsgaard, P., Halskov, K. & Klokmose, C. (2019). A Study of a Digital Sticky Note Design Environment. Sticky Creativity: Post-it Note Cognition, Computers, and Design.
  • [November 1] New book chapter out: Dalsgaard, P. (2019)- Sociotekniske systemer : Former vi teknologien, eller former teknologien os? Verden ifølge humaniora.
  • [October 10] Paper accepted for Computational and Cognitive Models of Creative Design (HI19): Biskjaer, M. M. & Dalsgaard, P. (2019): Opportunities and Barriers for Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Creativity Support Tools.
  • [October 1] Article accepted for Transactions of Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI): Inie, N. & Dalsgaard, P. (2019). How Interaction Designers Use Tools to Manage Ideas.
  • [July 20] Article now out in Interactions Magazine: Alavi, H., Churchill, E., Wiberg, M., Lalanne, D., Dalsgaard, P., & Rogers, Y. (2019). Human-building interaction: Sketches and grounds for a research program. interactions, 26(4), 58-61.  [Direct link to the article]

Talks and travels

For prospective students

Students present design projects

I am currently accepting new Masters and PhD students, particularly in the topics of digital tools in creativity and innovation, participatory  design, design processes, and the combination of digital and physical components in Human-Computer Interaction. Please email me at dalsgaard[at], sending a CV and a project outline, if you’re interested in supervision or mentoring, possibly in connection to one of our current projects.