vs_peter_dalsgaard_40_bwI write, teach, consult and carry out digital design projects related to human-centered design, innovation and creativity, and spaces and systems that combine the digital and physical realms. At the moment I am exploring these questions:
– How do digital tools influence creative processes?
– How can we develop and combine  digital and physical tools and spaces to help people create and innovate?
– How can we document, visualise, and explain what happens in creative design processes so that it can lead to a richer understanding of design and better approaches to design practice?
– How can we make a stronger connection between the theory and practice of interaction design?

I am the Director of the Digital Creativity Lab at Aarhus University, and Director of three research projects, Digital Tools in Collaborative Creativity (CoCreate), Creative Tools, and Place- and Activity-Centric Digital Library Services (PLACED). I’m Design Research Manager for the Creativity in Blended Interaction Spaces (CIBIS)  project, and research affiliate at the Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI) and the Participatory Information Technology Centre (PIT).

I am also a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters’ Young Academy, and part of the academy’s research policy committee.

In my work, I combine the development of theories with real-life projects in digital design, so I’m always keen on discussing potential collaborations. Get in touch via Twitter @peterdalsgaard or email dalsgaard(at)cavi.au.dk if you have an interesting project, a speaking engagement,  or a collaboration to discuss.