I’m currently setting up the newly established Digital Creativity Lab with my colleague Clemens Klokmose. Our objective is to build a world-class research environment to explore the potentials for digital tools to better support human creativity and knowledge work.
The center houses five externally funded research projects, three of which I direct:

  • PLACED, which explores how novel digital services can support library activities (book readings, 3D printing workshops,  etc), capture the knowledge created in them, and make it part of an ever-evolving library collection.
  • CoCreate, which examines the use of digital tools in collaborative creative work practices in design studios, and develops prototypes of novel digital tools to support and transform this work.
  • Creative Tools, which also explores the potentials of digital tools to support and enrich collaborative creative work, but in a wider spectrum of activities, ranging from digital arts production to exploration in the natural sciences.

Also, I’m Program Co-Chair of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference in Edinburgh, and with a  strong program in place, we’re now trying to make the final pieces of the puzzle fit so people have a great and rewarding experience at the conference.

I’m travelling quite a bit: The CHI 2017 conference in Denver in May, and in June the CREATIV workshop with Wendy Mackay and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon in Paris, Designing Interactive Systems 2017 in Edinburgh, and then Creativity & Cognition 2017 in Singapore to round off a hectic month.