I’m currently setting up the newly established Centre for Digital Creativity with my colleagues and centre co-directors Clemens Klokmose and Kim Halskov. Our objective is to build a world-class research environment to explore the potentials for digital tools to better support human creativity and knowledge work.
The center houses five externally funded research projects, three of which I manage:

  • PLACED, which explores how novel digital services can support library activities (book readings, 3D printing workshops,  etc), capture the knowledge created in them, and make it part of an ever-evolving library collection.
  • CoCreate, which examines the use of digital tools in collaborative creative work practices in design studios, and develops prototypes of novel digital tools to support and transform this work.
  • Creative Tools, which also explores the potentials of digital tools to support and enrich collaborative creative work, but in a wider spectrum of activities, ranging from digital arts production to exploration in the natural sciences.

Participatory design sessions in the PLACED project with partners from Denmark, France, and Sweden.

I’m currently co-editing a TOCHI special issue on Human-Building Interaction. Dec 13-16 2018 I will be visiting the ex)situ research lab at Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique at Université Paris-Saclay.