I manage three research projects that explore how digital tools can support, augment, and transform creative activities and work practices:


Photo: Peter Dalsgaard

CoCreate is a four-year research project (2017-2020) funded by the Velux Foundations. Digital tools systems play an increasingly central role in human creativity. Yet, we know little about how these tools affect the creative process. As a result, many tools are poorly suited to support creative practices, especially when it comes to collaboration. CoCreate tackles this issue head on to develop a better understanding of the role and nature of digital tools in collaborative creativity. On the one hand, this will give us a richer understanding of both collaborative creativity and digital tools; on the other hand, it can help us build better digital tools for supporting collaborative creativity in the future. In the project, we will therefore both study the benefits and shortcomings of digital tools used in creative work today, and combine this knowledge with insights from humanistic IT research to develop and deploy prototypes of novel digital tools that present meaningful alternatives to how we can integrate digital tools in the creative process.


Photo: Dokk1

PLACED (Place- and Activity-Centric Dynamic Library Services) is a 3-year European research project aimed at developing a new type of place- and activity-centric digital library services. Whereas library services typically focus on providing access to a collection of media, PLACED services support activities in the library. The groundbreaking aspect is that these services capture knowledge generated through these activities, make them a part of the library’s collection, and allow future library users to explore and access them. In this way, PLACED services help break down the institutional walls of the library and make it an integrated part of urban life by creating an ever-evolving collection built on urban activities and knowledge generation.

Creative Tools

Photo: CAVI

Creative Tools is a 3-year research project funded by the Aarhus Univerisity Research Foundation, which explores the interplay between digital tools and creative processes. Across a range of domains, including architecture, design, digital arts, and scientific exploration, the project examines how digital tools influence creative processes. The objective is to use insights from observations of real-life creative work practices to drive the development of prototypes of novel digital tools, which can support and augment existing creative practices, or pave the way for new ones. The research objective is to advance the field of digital creativity research by developing an integrative understanding of digital tools in collaborative creativity. To achieve this, we will combine insights and expertise from creativity and design studies rooted in the Humanities with research into collaborative IT from Computer Science.